How to Build Rapport During Your Job Interview


"People buy People not Products" is a traditional sales skill which can be incredibly effective in the world of Interviewing. You have to make sure that you do not think of yourself as a product which a business will buy and instead consider yourself as a person that if you create the right feeling someone else will buy.

To create the correct impression, first of all you have to make sure that you prepare for the interview, and secondly you have to develop rapport during your interview and see to it that your interviewer likes you both on a professional and individual basis and leave behind a desirable long lasting impression on your interviewer.

Building rapport during your interview can be really simple when you have something in common with the interviewer however if you do not then it might be difficult unless you prepare.

Before the Job interview

It is much easier to establish rapport during your job interview with somebody that you have something in common with so make sure that you do your research on both the business and the interviewer.

Company Preparation-- See if you can figure out some current problems or problems with the business which you could use a simple conversation tool. Use website such as Bloomberg, Reuters or The Financial Times

Interviewer Preparation-- Use professional social platforms such as Linkedin and see if you can find out whom will be talking to you and as much information as you can find about them. Maybe you have a mutual friend or have worked at the very same company in the past, both of which are easy conversations to have.

First Impression Counts

If you're interviewing in a company that has a smart dress code, make sure the you show up to the interview looking smart and professional. A smart suit, shirt and clean shoes are the easiest way of creating the right impression.

When the interviewer walks into the room, make sure that you stand up, smile and give a firm hand-shake.

Starting the Interview

With regard to the first 5 minutes you should try and have a bit of chit-chat. Be sure that you ask open questions in order to encourage the hiring manager or interviewer into a conversation.

The ability to establish interest in both a company and role in a friendly way will certainly ensure that the job interview begins on a positive note. Given that all the candidates interviewing will most likely have a very similar skills and experience its often the candidate who comes across the most enthusiastic will create the very best impression.

During the Interview

During the course of your interview you have to make sure that you appear to be both professional and passionate. If you use dull tones in your speech, you will not show off your character so make sure that you look happy and strike as being passionate.

When communicating with the interviewer, make sure that you avoid any confrontational topics which could lead to an argument or might cause offense. Especially stay clear of politics or religious beliefs.

Where possible attempt to mirror your interviewers body movement, however make sure that you are not obvious and coping every move they make.

Make sure that you answer the question that is asked. Obviously you can use examples but make sure that you get to you point pretty quickly. Interviewers will get bored very quickly so make sure that prepare some good answers for to interview questions for your interview.

Make an effort to repeat your interviewers comments back to them which will show that you have listened and understood and you approve of what they are saying

After the Interview

Be sure that you follow up after your interview with a "Thank you Note" which will both show that you enjoyed the interview but also keep you in the interviewers mind.

As a recruiter, if you speak with 10 people during the course of a single day, but the time you have finished the last candidate you can not remember what the first one looked like. A "Thank you Note" always helps to remember the candidates.

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